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Monday, 29 April 2013

Homeschool fun learning

Homeschool fun learning. State run schools are full of bullies and competition. If you check out homeschooled children you will find they act like children and not grown ups. The do not swear and are polite kids. They enjoy their childhood as they are not pressured or bullied to learn, or forced to act like a grown up like children in state run school's. Mothers should be teaming up to put a stop to this disgusting rubbish going on in schools. And wake up to what is really happening to our children and why. Childhood is meant to be innocent not seedy!


Here is  my daughter learning spellings in the sand. I just adore her little singing voice. And to all the bullying  grown ups that think she should be in school, you need to seriously look at the damage schools cause children and teachers with these school checks. Forced learning! Not to mention the sick education they now teach  five year olds.


I was horrified when I found this magazine in the library, right by the children's reading section. Why are parents not complaining about this sort of thing? What future are our children going to have if they are brainwashed to think this is acceptable. Check out Women's Aid and the amount of victims hurt by some bullying men. I know of four women that have told me their men were addicted to things that destroyed their family life and put them in danger! We need to bring back old fashioned family values!

This is my daughters wonderful singing book review. When she was in school she hated reading. And the education system forces struggling children to read out in front of the class, which of course ends up in tears for those children who find it difficult. There is no funding for children with dyslexia so they suffer all the way  through school.

I really want  Google to sponsor and help homeschooled children and end the bullying. They need their childhood back, which is being destroyed by our sick society. There is more educational information on the Internet than in any school!  I want my daughter to have a Google Career, doing what she is good at as she is very talented. Anything is possible if you  have the right support. Here is my daughters 4 times table song.

Hopefully one day Google will partner with  Butterfly Lullaby and create a child friendly video music and TV channel, bringing back innocence to children all around the world and protecting them from harm.

This is my daughter singing her little heart out at  3 years old. Very accident prone like most children.
Please listen to her beautiful song "Family Joy." This is a real child's perspective on how important family life is to them. We have to team up and put an end to our society destroying family life "Children's Lives!"

Please share this website link with all your family and friends and listen out for Little Snowdrop's original song "Family Joy" with music,  which we hope will change history and give all children hope for a better and brighter future. Children Screaming to be heard - LET THEM SPEAK!

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