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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Matthew Peterson has dyslexia and thankfully he has come up with an amazing way to teach children maths, away from the boring, hum, drum, Nazi Camp Education System currently in place. He proves teaching children visually works and replaces the written word.

Dyslexia, I think it is time the Nazi Camp Schools started to apologise to children for the way they treat them. I know the schools are pressured by the Government/Councils re school checks. But the tax payer pays for all these services so therefore if you do not wish your child to be bullied it is time to speak out and protect them! And stop the bullying Government from calling all the shots. Here are some dyslexic people!

Here I prove that teaching a child, my daughter at her own pace, away from bullying and pressures works.
She no longer suffers from anxiety because she is homeschooled!

This is the song my daughter made up when she was really stressed out in school. She begged me to homeschool her all the time. And the bullying I have received from people is shameful as at least I care about my little girl and don't believe bullying is good for anyone.

My little girl hates times tables. She gets to learn one and forgets the others. Do we really need to know them all? Well I got to MD Secretary through hard work, not by having a load of qualifications. These qualifications are only for people with sponge like memories. Very discriminating!

I believe people should care more and if they suffered with dyslexia speak out and do something to change the system so other children do not have to go through the same Nazi Camp experience! So a message to all the famous people. You have the money, you have the power to change things. So help me change it as a team. And for all those suffering, don't suffer in silence and remember to concentrate on the things you are good at. Dyslexic people are very talented!

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