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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Moshling Moshi Monster Musical Band

Moshling Moshi Monster Musical Band. Now how brilliant would that be for a Child Friendly Music Chart. This is my daughters amazing guitar Moshling she designed, drew and coloured in herself. Come on Moshi Monsters support my little girl and let her have her right to be homeschooled and have Mummy at home. Here is her little character Gilly the Guitar Moshling animated. Not as good as Moshi Monsters animations, but the cartoon is cute and I love her little voice and adore her original character. He is awesome, as she would say in her child like manor.

This is my daughters "Family Joy" song. How things have changed since I was a little girl. Family used to mean something back then. Now it seems the media advertises things to destroy it and too many children and women are suffering because of it!

Michael Jackson was the one star that cared about children. I think he was stitched up good and proper because he had a kind heart. The amount of money he gave to children's charities and his songs had great meaning. Here is my daughter's voice singing Heal the World. Parents and teachers cried when she sang, why? Because it is such a moving song and she did it justice! Michael would have been so proud!

I believe children should always be put first and family life is important to them. We need to promote it and protect it. Start to question what the Government is doing and piece all the jigsaw together and then you will find the answer. Get in contact with me as teamwork is everything. We do not need a leader we need a team of people who really care about children and family. 
I will leave you with a few songs by famous people. Listen to the lrycis and make that change.

Children are our future! So why are we not helping them? http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com/ Naughty, disturbed children are children that have not had the love and family life they deserve!

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