Monday, 17 June 2013

Miss you Daddy, Fathers Day song!

Miss you Daddy, Fathers Day Song by my little girl. Broke my heart yesterday to see my little girl cry, because she misses her Daddy so very much. Like every child she wants her Mummy and Daddy together. I cannot stress how important family is to a child and how we as parents have to work hard to give them the right to a wonderful happy childhood by putting our children first. Daddy would have visited her if he could. He calls her everyday, sometimes 2/3 times a day. There is no support for families in the UK, and now I know why I can just work around it!

Some parents tell their kids they just have to put up with bullying in school, because it is a part of life. As a Mother that stands up to bullies, there is no way I will allow anyone to bully my child, and that is why she says "I am the best Mummy in the World." This is my little girl typing me a message in different languages. Bless her! I am a very lucky Mummy!

My little girl loves her family, because she says it makes her feel safe, secure and loved.
Every child needs a family that cares about them!

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