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Friday, 5 July 2013

Alice White Rabbit Face Painting


I was going to make my own white face paint from an article I found on Google (See end of blog.) But luck would have it, I managed to find some white face paint in my make-up box. I used my black eyeliner pencil to outline the eyeglass and gold eye shadow for the eyeglass chain. For the pink eyes and nose I used a light pink glossy lipstick.


For the White Rabbits clock I drew round a saucepan on paper. Drew the numbers on with thick black pen and stuck it to card using a glue stick. I left a space around the clock approximately 5 cm so I could paint the clock face gold. Then I cut out strips of foam for the chain and stapled them together. We won best theme at the carnival this year, so it was well worth the effort. And more importantly my daughter enjoyed herself!


I literally threw this costume together. The hat is one I used in my fairy book for Prince Stinger. I cut the white bunny mask in two, but kept the elastic on the mask so it stayed on the hat. Then I cut some blue fabric and tied it round the hat and also made a matching blue scarf. The waistcoat is one I used in my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby for Woowee the fairy. The white t-shirt and leggings were something we already had.

More photographs of the White Rabbit.

Here is Woowee in the blue waistcoat I made for my Butterfly Lullaby story book.

And here is Prince Stingers famous top hat. My daughter has started a story called Butterfly Lullaby Christmas, which tells the story of how Prince Stinger became so evil and the secrets of the top hat.

HOW TO MAKE WHITE FACE PAINT USING KITCHEN MATERIALS http://chemistry.about.com/od/holidaysseasons/a/white-face-paint-recipe.htm

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