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Monday, 22 July 2013

Creepy House Book Challenge Drawings

Last week my daughter was the first child in the library to finish the Creepy House Book Challenge for 2013. She proudly wore her medal home and called her Dad to tell him the good news. Considering she used to hate reading, I think she has done amazingly well and I am so happy that at last she enjoys to read a good book and read well over the requested quota for the challenge. One day she picked up thirteen books and read them in one day. Here are some of her singing book reviews:

My daughter enjoys drawing with Mummy. So last night I sat down with her and drew some images from the Creepy House Book Challenge. Bless her, she wants to stick them in her art gallery (Bedroom.) She insists on having all my paintings in her room along with some of her own art, which I adore.

"Mummy, can you draw my favourite character ... the Bunny?" Well here is my little attempt at the Bunny from the Creepy House Character book challenge.

I drew four characters in total last night.

Scarecrow character

Ghost character

Another ghost character

Have you had a go at drawing these characters?
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