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Friday, 26 July 2013

Drawing tutorials for children

My daughter has started on a story called "Mysterious Millie." She wanted to draw her characters, so decided to have a look on You Tube for some tutorials on how to draw faces and hands. She came across this amazing artist called Mark Crilley, who is also a published author. I was totally blown away by her drawing based on his wonderful teaching skills. The Internet is a great learning tool and I think you will agree that there are some fantastic free videos around.  Here is my daughters video showing her having a go at drawing a face like Mark Crilleys art tutorial.

This is Mark Crilleys original video, I think you will agree he is one gifted person.

My daughter has created some very cute drawing tutorials of her own. I love her Blue Nose videos:

Her original Flower Alien design is the most popular out of all our videos! And has had over 75,000 hits.
I think this character is just amazing!   

Many people have commented on her outstanding Fruit and Veg Pirates.
They are so cute I had to duplicate them and make them out of plastic.

Just had an amazing comment on You Tube with regards to my daughters Mark Crilley video:

Quote: "Shes such a great artist, this can be a start of a wonderful future :) and lol i got the first comment :)"

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