Friday, 5 July 2013

Fairies are real original photographic proof

Fairies are real, original photographic proof! I always remember my father (Step Dad) telling me his brother had real photographs of fairies, but I never got to see them as a child. This week I was sent this wonderful Antique Roadshow video from You Tube by a friend of mine and I found it totally fascinating. The daughter of  Frances Griffiths (One of the girls who took the original photographs back in the 1920's of the Cottingley Fairies) said her Mother to her dying day admitted some of the pictures were fake, but one was 100% real!
If you scroll to the end of this video you will see the amazing two images of see-through fairies. There is no way on this earth these could have been faked as you can see the grass behind their wings etc and in those days there was no Photoshop to manipulate the image. Her mother said she could see misty objects and took a snap shot approximately 3ft away. When they got the photograph back from London they saw the images of fairies. How wonderful! Please share your fairy stories if you have any.

I wonder what the Cottingley Fairies would make of the Butterfly Lullaby fairies?

I do believe, do you?

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