Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Favourite children's film and why?

What is your favourite children's film and why? I don't watch grown up TV anymore. And quite enjoy sitting down and watching a children's animated film with my little girl. Please share your thoughts on films with us.


I loved watching this film with my Nan. In the days when you could sit and watch any film without having to grab the pillow because some nasty scene had popped up. The lovely old black and white films where they just showed the bedroom door closing. My daughter and I watched The Little Princess together and she loved it. Her Great Nan (My Nan) had a sad orphaned childhood so I can relate to it and it makes me think of her. She is my idol and promoted everything good about family life and putting children first. 

We also watched the latest version of The Little Princess, which is really good too.

We liked Annie, however the dancing on the table by the blond lady was a bit much and uncalled for in a children's film. If only we had some good mothers creating films with morals and child values.

Take a look at this evidence on real fairies:

Fairytale a true story. We adore this film, it is truly magical.

I hope that one day Butterfly Lullaby will be made into a film. So many children tell my daughter they adore my Butterfly Lullaby story.

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