Saturday, 6 July 2013


Free fairy party. So what's the catch? All I ask for in return is a little video of the fairy party event that I can use for promoting the OOAK Butterfly Lullaby Parties Worldwide. Children's names and their identity/location will not be disclosed for security reasons. Feel free to wear fairy masks at your party.

You will receive the following:


1. Digital image of the scroll from the fairy book. Print off, stick to cardboard or laminate.Cut into eight pieces and hide in different places for the children to find and piece together.)

2. Short skeleton version (Less than 3 minutes) of the Butterfly Lullaby story with pictures and music. 
Stop the story half way through when the children are asked to find the scroll.
3. You send us a picture by email of your Birthday Child holding out their hand 
and the Butterfly Lullaby fairies do the rest. Your image will be returned by email with 
one of the Butterfly Lullaby fairies sitting on your child's hand. 
All I ask in return is a little promotional video of the event to be sent to me to use to promote the fairy parties worldwide. The party package is totally free.
Hopefully one day there will be a beautiful Butterfly Lullaby Musical celebrated in different languages:

Dance like a butterfly:

Colour me a fairies wish, is the short version of the Butterfly Lullaby story read out by a famous man from children's TV.

Leave me a message here on You Tube.

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