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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hate reading?

Does your child hate reading? How have you coped with the competition in the school playground? Don't worry, help is at hand! Let me tell you my daughter's story and how she used to hate reading. And I mean hated it with a passion! There is nothing worse than seeing a child struggle and suffer from bullying because of it. So lets see if we can fix the problem together. 

First, here is one of her singing book reviews created this year. She has gone from making up words in school when forced to read out in class, for the fear of being made fun of, to creating wonderful singing book reviews and now being able to read a big book. I cannot afford to get her tested for dyslexia as she does struggle with memory and can spell a word correctly in one sentence and completely different in another. And learning times tables is a bit of challenge. She can learn one, then go to the next and forget the one she had learnt previously. But I am extremely impressed with her progress since she begged me to homeschool her. Her reading age has improved approximately by 2.5 years in one whole school term. School reading books are boring. Even I fell asleep, so make sure you get to the library as they have some fantastic picture books, which is essential for any child that does not want to read. A good book is the key to encouraging a child to read. And don't forget they have the reading challenge through summer in the Library so get your free gifts now.  


When your child reads to you, write down the words they struggle with. And get them to have a go at spelling them. It is not about getting the spelling correct. It is about  helping your child remember the words they found difficult. Schools need to work with Mothers and allow them to go into school to read with children that struggle because when children get back from school, the last thing they want to do is read and do homework. And this is why children do not want to read at home. Home to them is about spending time with Mummy and Daddy and enjoying being a child. Hopefully with a bit more nagging we will get some support so mothers can earn from home as our children need their Mum's (Mom's.)


When we went to the Library to drop off the books the Librarian congratulated my little girl for being the first one to finish the Reading Book Challenge. Here is her little song.


Once upon a time there was a cute little baby girl. She was not like other babies because from the day she was born there was something different about her. "Why is she not crawling?" people would ask. And I used to think to myself, just let her be ... "She will do things at the pace she is happy with, as every baby/child is different!" My little girl never crawled, she rolled, which I thought was just perfect and so cute.

At three years old her speech was not the same as children her age and people would say "Get her tested as there is something wrong with the way she talks." I again would think to myself "Let her be, she will do things all at her own pace in her own time." When she started to get the reading books in school, that was when the real stress began. I myself am not a competitive person and believe children should all be allowed to shine at whatever they are good. It is so important that children that do not have the sponge like memories are not made to feel worthless and stupid because they cannot keep up with those children that are blessed with the ability to absorb information and store it like a computer in their brain. Children that struggle to read are ones that get left behind. But it does not have to be that way. We all know what some mothers are like in the playground and how they try and make your child look stupid. Ignore them! These mothers are always pushing their child to do better at a higher pace than any other child because they want their child to be the best in the class. Find out what is your child good at and concentrate on that. One very competitive mother in the school my daughter used to go to asked me one day "Who is the prettiest? Your child or mine?" I was totally disgusted because I have never taught my daughter that she is better than anyone else. And this was coming from a so called church person. This child is sadly following in her mothers footsteps and has called her friend fat and ugly. She goes around with her head high up in the air because her mother has told her she is the prettiest girl in the school. How sad! I believe all little girls are pretty and not one of them should ever feel fat or ugly! The moral to this story is, stay away from mothers that try and make you and your child feel stupid and worthless. And make reading fun by showing your child singing stories. We all love music and it works.  

Matthew Peterson has proved that visual learning is better than the written word for all children! 

If a child is bullied in school, always sort the problem out. Anxiety can lead to serious mental health issues later in life, depending on how strong that child is. Stop bullying and you cure anxiety!

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