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Monday, 29 July 2013

Homeschool Germany Contact Romeike Family

I need to contact the Romeike Family with regards to their Homeschool fight for their children's Human Rights. If you know the Romeike Family please tell them that I have been in contact with Dr Reisman with regards to her helping this family fight this case in court. She has just won a case in Croatia against S-- Education in schools. Dr Kinsey, who was responsible for S-- Education in all schools was a very sick, evil man who had the most awful tests carried out on babies and children. Why is this material not banned in all schools worldwide? It is inhumane! Children are innocent beings and should be allowed to be kids!


Contact Dr Reisman! A lady to be respected and protects Children's Rights to be a child.

 Please someone leave me a message on You Tube with regards to the Romeike Family:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ButterflyLullabyLtd


Why did my daughter hate reading so much when she went to school? Because she was forced to read out in class and used to make up words so the children would not make fun of her. She begged me for years to homeschool her and I am so glad I did because school pressures and bullying caused her seriously anxiety attacks, which must be taken seriously as this can cause serious mental health issues later in life. Do not ignore it, stop the bullying! Now she can read big books and loves reading so much she wants to have a library in her bedroom. She is even talking about selling her toys to buy her favourite authors books (Dork Diaries - Rachel Russell.) The only thing I don't like about the book is the mention of boys. I think we need to steer girls away from crushes and get them to concentrate on their careers. It is important that we look into how many women are victims and go to Women's Aid for help. Also ask what these organisations do to change the media to be more child and family friendly?

This is my daughters story and why she asked me to homeschool her. Remember children have rights!

My daughter can spell 15/15 words correctly each day now. Remember poor Amanda Todd? The girl that took her life because of bullying in school. She would be alive today if she was homeschooled and her Mom (Mum) got support to work from home! Why is there no support for Mothers to earn from home?


The school picked up on my daughters short term memory, that is why she had to repeat the lyrics when she sang for the first time solo in school. What a response she had from teachers, parents and children. She really touched the hearts of everyone with this song "Heal the World." Many people told me they cried when she sang. Talented children worldwide should be supported and protected! (Sorry formatting will not centre.)


I just adore this singing book review she did in Weymouth Library.

Can you imagine her creating singing DVD stories for children to follow and sing along to.

Imagine my daughter hated reading!

Why are Homeschool groups banned from Libraries on the computers search engines? I think I have just proved how Homeschool cures anxiety in children and encourages them to progress. One thing I know for sure and that is children and family life should be protected and if there were some decent mothers in power it would be. I have come across too many bullying men in my time that are totally brainwashed by the media, which advertises women in a bad light. And this needs to change. Time for children and family to be put first!

When I saw my MP and complained about this article in the Lottery Magazine, which destroys family life. I was told "The girls were old enough." This is shameful. Take a look at this article and how German girls are forced to do things against their will! I have been told MP's often use this sort of service, they are obviously paid too much and have no family morals, so why are they in charge of our children's future?
Why do we have recession after recession? I think we all know the truth. Basically the tax
payer is paying people in power to destroy children's and family life.

There are some lovely, kind men. I would like to thank my daughters friend's father for sorting out my electrics in the house and for my lovely neighbours. Next door always paints our fence. And the lovely man across the road sorted out my leaking toilet. And a big thanks to my Step Dad who gave us a wonderful, happy childhood. My brother in law is a fantastic Dad too. And my daughter adores her father. So it is not a lot to ask that our media changes and starts to protect women instead of advertising them as objects so our little girls grow up to bright, happy future where Countries put children and family at the top of their list.
This is our funny toilet. My daughter made up a song.

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