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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Moshi Monster Toy Story


In a colourful land like no other, lived happy little creatures known as the Moshi Monsters. 

Like every land across the world there is always someone, somewhere, who just wants to spoil our fun.
Dr Strange Glove was no exception.

He had captured some of the Moshi Monsters and turned them into Gold Statues. 

A group of Moshi Monsters decided to leave their home and enter the human world to get help.

They entered their time machine and within minutes they had landed on earth. As soon as they set foot on the unknown land they were hoisted up by a little boy. "How cute" he said as he threw them into his backpack. When the little boy returned home he showed the Moshi Monsters to his father, who was a Toy Maker. "Dad, what do you think of these? I found them near the park." His father got out his tools and had a go at reproducing one and put it in his Toy Shop.

Children from everywhere wanted to buy these toys so he created templates for each Moshi Monster and got them reproduced in large numbers. 

The Moshi Monsters decided it was time to head back home, as Earth was a dangerous place for toys and if they were not careful they would end up being wrapped up and sold on the shelves of shops and Moshi Monster Land would be no more.

They tried to make their escape, but the little boy had seen them move and now wanted to make sure they did not leave his side. One of the Moshi Monsters managed to escape and made his way back to the time machine to contact the Ghost Pirates. Within an hour the Ghost Pirates were in the little boys house and plotting a plan to set the Moshi Monsters free. 

When they finally all escaped and got back to Moshi Monster Land . They had another job on their hands and that was to deal with Dr Strange Glove!

I loved the story my daughter came up with. If you click on her blog you can read the original story she wrote, which I based the above on. Her story is much better and I love the fact she had the Moshi Monsters travelling to the human world and ending up in the shops for sale. Totally brilliant.

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