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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


My daughter created a song today called "Her Daddy (Jakson Lee) can sing!" One of my pet hates is when people say nasty things about gifted and talented people, "Why are some people so mean?" Our daughter got her singing talent from her father and not me. I am so proud that she takes after his musical ability to create original songs and melodies. This is her song, especially for her Daddy. Ask her who her favourite singer is and she will reply "My Daddy!" All his videos used to come up in Google when you typed in Jakson Lee. Not anymore!

The Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight, fairy artists Josephine Wall, Kirks Follies and guests all enjoyed my daughters father's performance. And the owners of the Enchanted Manor said "If they did not have the B&B they would manage him!"

Snowflakes Daddy on the Radio when she was in my belly. Here he is talking about his original songs.

Original song Little Snowflake, I wrote the lyrics, and her father (Jakson Lee) did the rest.

Just a pub singer? I don't think so, as this is one of many of her fathers original songs. And anyway what is wrong with Pub Singers? Some people in Great Britain are so stuck up!

I am proud that he created all the songs for my story book Butterfly Lullaby.

Butterfly Kisses

A song we created as a family.

All the Butterfly Lullaby songs. I co wrote the lyrics and he did the rest. Amazing talent!

This is a poem my sister created and my daughters father turned it into a beautiful song. The song has been on local Radio.

I wrote the lyrics to this song. He did the rest.

This song is amazing. He wrote the whole thing himself and of course created all the music and vocals.

This women's work

Bring him home


This is a song I wrote for the Enchanted Manor and my daughters father did the rest.

When he gigs live and people pick on him and tell him he is miming. I just tell him that is a compliment as his voice sounds like it is just off a record. Not every singer has this gift.

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