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Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Child Flu

I never though my daughter would get flu in summer. She went over to play at a friends house on Saturday and yesterday (Sunday) she started to feel drained. Last night she came home crying from her other friends house as she ached and had a fever. She complained about feeling cold and was shivering. She has asthma so I will have to keep a close eye on her and make sure I get her to the GP if she starts having breathing problems. As her asthma is not as bad as mine I am hoping that she will recover at home. What a downer getting flu in the holidays. I was just about to get her to schedule out her holiday with her friends so she had something to do every day. Looks like we will be watching a few DVD cartoons and spending quality Mother and daughter time, which is something we both enjoy. My little girl adores her family and I feel so blessed to have her. I have a friend who cannot have children, so it really makes you appreciate what you have and how lucky you are to be a Mum (Mom.)

Anyone that is worried about their child getting flu. There are many videos on You Tube. If they have asthma make sure you get them to the GP if they get the slightest bit wheezy as you do not want them getting pneumonia. 

I use Calpol for my little girl. What do you use?

No doubt I will get the flu too, as I always catch whatever is going around. All I can do is wash my hands all the time and try and keep away from the coughing, but lets face it, when your child is ill you just want to give them a big cuddle and tell them they are going to be fine. 

I was going to see if I could put together a DVD to get Sponsorship for my little girl so I can continue to Homeschool her. When she is not pressured she progresses really well. Here is one of her singing book reviews, I think they are adorable.

Would be great if she could earn pocket money doing singing book reviews.

Here are somemore singing book reviews. If your child hates reading they may
enjoy singing along with Snowdrop.

Best go and look to see what DVD's we have. She has seen the film, Tinkerbell The Secret of the Wings. Reminds me a bit of my Butterfly Lullaby story I wrote back in 2005, where the fairies wing start off see-through.  Here is a little bit of the Butterfly Lullaby story. 

Quick update. Looks like it is just a virus and not flu. Thank goodness for that. Same symptoms. 
What is your child's favourite film? 

Has anyone seen The Knight Magical Mishaps?

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