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Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Holidays don't be bored

Summer holidays - children should not be bored! Childhood is the best time of your life. Kid's need to play. Girls should be making mud pies "Great fun." Now, if it is raining, no problem. Art pens at the ready and here is Snowdrop (Little Snowflake) with some fun art tutorials:

This is my daughters original flower alien design. If you do not have a Nintendo DS, just draw the character on paper and colour in with felt tip pens.

How to draw Binky the Panda Blue Nose
Draw Milkshake the cow

Have a go at turning your pet into a Tatty Teddy Blue nose like Snowflake did.
Here is Cindy Woo.

Draw the pink bug 

Draw Chase the dog

Make SpongeBob out of sponge and foam. See full tutorials on:

Get a butterfly kit and watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies and set them free. This is a fantastic thing for kids to do during the summer months.


We left the paddling pool out and some frogs must have visited as we ended up with tadpoles.

One of our frogs sitting on his apple boat.

Make a cheap pond using an old sandpit.

Snowdrop (Little Snowflake) catches a frog in our garden.

When we had baby frogs I could not believe that they were as small as this insect.

Learn how to draw faces etc. Lots and lots of art tutorials on You Tube.

Share your stories and videos with us on You Tube the Butterfly Lullaby way:

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