Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tangle Tamer Hairbrush for girls

Tangle Tamer hairbrush for girls. How many little girls have long hair and hate having it brushed? Well I remember as a child myself dreading having my hair brushed, because long hair attracts tangles, and they hurt! But great news for all girls with long hair, including grown up ones. Tangle Tamer really works! My daughter can now brush her own hair and creates her own little hairstyles with no more tears!

Take a look at me styling my daughters hair. I cannot remember if the video includes her doing my hair too. She said she wanted to be a hairdresser. Even wanted to work in Tesco because she enjoys zapping the food through the till. I told her "Sweet Pea, believe me that fun feeling will wear off when you grow up!" I feel sorry for all shop assistants as some people treat them like dirt and think they are above them. We all want our little girls to be happy and just maybe we need to do something to make sure their future is brighter!

I adore talented children and hope one day families will support my ideas to help them create a career from what they are good at. Because there is money to be made on the Internet and they could have a great career, especially those who struggle in school. It is all about having the right IT team behind you and one that has morals and puts children and family first. Something our world needs to work on! My daughter hated reading in school. Now look at her fly. I adore her singing book reviews and believe
children that hate reading would love to sing along to DVD's. So if you have written a story, share it with us and lets get Snowdrop to sing your part of your story. Being a team is important!

Here are a few more of her singing book reviews.

When children/grown ups can make songs up on the spot, I call this a gift! Here are a few of my daughters made up songs. I adore her Smooth Jazz Mouse song. It is so child friendly and funny!    And I adore her Family Joy song. Every child needs a good, kind family.

 Wish I could sing! But we are all good at different things and that is what makes our world such a wonderful and diverse place to live. Share your videos and stories with us on You Tube:
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