Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dear Nan

Dear Nan,

I hope you are enjoying family time and get many visitors to keep you company. Expect your garden is looking beautiful as usual. Thought I would send you a little update on your Great Granddaughter. I am so proud of her as she has gone from making up words in class for fear of being made fun of to now doing wonderful singing book reviews and can read a big book. By the reading test, she has managed to catch up on her reading by over 2 years in one Homeschool Term.

Here is a singing book review she did in Weymouth Library, I think it is so sweet. And would encourage children who hate reading to sing along with her. It would be great to test it out on some unpublished authors with their original stories.

This singing book review is really cute.

She did the Reading Book Challenge with the Library and was the first one to finish. In one day she read thirteen books. This is coming from a little girl who hated reading. Now she wants to sell some toys to buy her favourite books. Unheard of, but I am so proud of her.

Here is her original song for the Reading Book Challenge.

I love this little song she made up called Smooth Jazz Mouse.

Family Joy Song she made up on the spot.

Your grand-daughter is an amazing little artist:

I was amazed when she drew this!

I think we need a Butterfly Lullaby TV show as children would love her!

Sorry I have not been down to see you for such a long time. Life is a bit of a challenge to say the least. But luckily I take after Mum's Mum and never give up. Who knows the sun may shine and my luck may change. At least we have our health and I have a wonderful daughter so I have a lot to be grateful for. I often think of you and look back at my wonderful childhood, which is all thanks to the wonderful family I have. Good old fashioned values both my Nan's have taught me I have passed down to my little girl, so thank you. Nan here is some video footage of me as a little girl. Love you lots and miss you. Sharon xxx

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