Friday, 2 August 2013

Hate reading

My daughter used to hate reading with a real passion. When she was in school she could hardly read and used to make words up when forced to read out in class. Why? So the children would not make fun of her. I wonder, who is really to blame for how competitive some children are? Would it be grown ups by any chance?

Anyway meet Nikki, she is Double Dorks main character. My daughter went over to her friends house recently and found that her pal had created a Double Dork House out of cardboard and characters from the story. She got home and said "Mummy I want to make this." So here are some of her Double Dork Illustrations. Nikki's sister Brianna on the left and Brandon on the right. The only thing I don't like about the stories is the way the author introduces the girls crush. I think we need to look around at all the problems with teen girls and boys and steer them away from this sort of thing by Educating them differently like in Croatia. They have the lowest level of girl/teen problems because they teach their girls good old fashioned values, which is something that is seriously missing in our Western Culture. Hence the massive problem!

MacKenzi the bully (Centre drawing.)

When my daughter used to go to a state run school she would come home with a book that she got to read for a whole week and try really hard to get out of reading it at home. I have to admit I find school story books enough to send you to sleep. But you have to try your best. At the end of the day children just want to play when they get home and sadly schools are making it more and more difficult for them to enjoy their childhood, due to pressures on them by the O so powerful. It would have been a lot easier if the school had allowed me to go in and sit with her each day and read with her in school time. But hey ho our world is full of stupid rules and one word the O powerful love to use is "NO." I often wonder where Hitler really came from and if his followers are still alive and kicking? There was also the school playground competition created by very competitive mothers, who wanted to prove their child was the best at everything. Only a few mothers I knew were into this silly little game. Personally I felt sorry for my child and others like her who found reading more difficult than some of the other children. If I was a teacher, I would have put the books in an envelope and made sure other children and parents were unaware of what level each child was on, so those kid's that need a little more support are not bullied or made to feel worthless. And it would stop those nasty, competitive mothers from being such bullies as they always checked out what all the other children were reading compared to theirs. And would see the teacher to push their child up another level to make sure they stayed well in front. These same mothers would call children names "Fat, stupid, ugly!" And we wonder why some children bully?

I still cannot get over how children that struggle in class are bullied and forced to read out their test results to the class. Nikki in the Double Dork diaries relates to this problem very well. School life these days is more like being in a Nazi camp. If you do not finish your work "You will stay in during your break time!" And lets face it dyslexia is common, but many slip through the net as their is no funding for children that struggle. They will not get tested properly. And parents will end up having to fit the expensive bill themselves, which is over £200. Total rip off. 

Anyway my daughter loves the Dork Diaries. The illustrations and text in the books make it more fun to read. Imagine that last year she hated reading and now she wants to sell her toys to buy some books for her Library. Yes she has a little Library in her room. She would love a huge big book shelf. Maybe one day, when the boat comes in.

I often wonder what our world would be like if it was run by kind Mothers, you know Mothers that care about all children and are not brought by money. I bet if they were in Government they would help promote talented children like my daughter and make sure we had a child friendly music chart.

This is my daughters story. She begged me to homeschool her. Please support the German Homeschool Family in the USA. Children have rights to not be bullied and should not be forced to learn about S-- Education as it is proven that it was created by a very bad man!
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