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Sunday, 4 August 2013

I want Mummy (Mommy) at home!

"I want Mummy (Mommy) at home." This is what my child wants and I just wonder, if I was to do a survey would we find that all children want the same. I think we all know the answer to that one. Yes! Family is the most important thing in the world to a child. Having a birth mother and father gives them security and stability. So it is important our media promotes real family life and protects it. Little girls need to know that they are important and should be respected as human beings. The media must change to be child and family friendly.

When I go into any shop with my daughter, the staff always comment on her lovely manors. She has lovely manors because she spends a lot of time with Mummy (Mommy.)

Here is my confident little creative girl. What mother would not want to be at home and earn from home so she can give her child what she wants and needs?

I adore my daughters little singing book reviews. They are fun and just make you smile.

Binky the Panda art tutorial by Little Snowflake (Snowdrop.) She changed her name because she used to be made fun of in school about her height. And sadly still gets comments from people today.

This is what my daughter thinks about family and how much she loves us all. What a clever song. She made it up on the spot. A true little talented artist.

Original song by Snowdrop (Little Snowflake.) Made up on the spot. Clever girl. She loves animals, I was going to get her a little mouse but got her a bunny rabbit instead.

Meet Fidget, he was the school pet. Her old teacher was lovely.
Shame she had problems with a few other teachers.

My Nan was an orphan, so I feel for any child that has lost their parents. She made sure our childhood was a happy one and taught us good old fashioned family value where children are always put first. I have to say she is my idol. Hopefully one day I will be in a position to help children. This is our family song about two children that have lost their parents because of a drunk driver.

Share your stories and videos with us. And interview your child and ask them
what does family mean to them and if they had a choice, would they want Mummy (Mommy) at home?

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