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Monday, 5 August 2013

Make Finn and Fionna Adventure Time

My daughter asked me to make Finn and Fiona (Fionna) from Adventure Time. I did not have any clay so I had to search the kitchen cupboard. Thankfully I found some flour, salt and food colouring. Here is the end result. I still need to bake them in the oven. My daughter loves Adventure Time she watches it on You Tube. All her friends watch it. But yesterday she said "Mummy look at this." I went over to what she was watching and there was a picture (Cartoon Poster) of a cartoon girl with "0" on under a blanket. The sort of thing that is forced in our Food Shops in front of children, you know the Educated Morons that say "Children cannot see the top shelf." I don't know about other parents, but I find our Western Culture very sick and anti children and family friendly. I would prefer she stopped watching it as I find the wording bizarre. She replied "Mummy you have taught me good old fashioned values and I can help by pointing out any bad bits in the cartoons." After listening to the lyrics of a song and looking at their other videos, sorry but no way (Total Grooming!) There is a video on You Tube about Disney doing exactly the same thing. Now I believe it!


My daughter is a good girl and tells Mummy if she sees anything strange and questions our Western Culture with the revolting magazines in Food Shops etc. She is on this video asking the Film Industry why would they put certain things in a children's movie. I have asked children to stop the video half way through and get their parents. I hope your children are as switched on to bad media like my daughter is! Thousands of children watch adventure time. Do parents understand it? Question it? Well may it is time you should!

Here is a little tutorial by a very talented girl on how to make Finn and Fionna. These are very cute and she is very clever! I have been trying for a long time to get help and support to create a safe place for children to share their videos. Sadly now I know why this is so difficult. There are some really bad people in the media and power. I would not allow my daughter to have a You Tube account etc so I would expect other parents to do the same. And look forward to hearing from this little girls mother who created this lovely film.

Here is my little tutorial on how to make a fairy spoon using Salt Dough.
 These are the other things I made for the fairy tea set.

This is how you make Salt Dough. Remember if you are adding food colouring do not add as much water.

Share your stories and videos with us. Hopefully with a big, huge fight we will win and get a child friendly place where children can be creative away from bad people. That goes for a real music chart too. You know music that you listen to and stuff that does not groom children into acting older. We need child and family friendly things to be promoted because our world is just a wee bit too strange. Wake up!


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