Saturday, 3 August 2013


Meet Snowdrop, otherwise known as Little Snowflake. She is a talented little girl who can draw and sing.
Would you consider sponsoring her by allowing us to put a poster up in your shop window to promote her videos? If you wanted your shop promoted she is very good at doing toy and book reviews for You Tube and your details could be included. Snowdrop sponsored by ....... 

Here are some of the toys she brought in your shop. The video was made at Grandmas in Weymouth.

Binky the Panda


atch the Dog

Chase the Dog

Love Bug


Chase the Dog


  Fidget School Pet (Made up Tatty Teddy)

Cindy Woo (Made up Tatty Teddy)

Singing Book Reviews


Singing book review in Weymouth Library

Spooky Spooky Spooky, singing book review.

Smooth Jazz Mouse. Original song by Snowdrop.

Family Joy Song. Original song created by Snowdrop.

Please share your stories and videos with us on You Tube
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