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Monday, 30 September 2013

Child Entrepreneur

My daughter is a Child Entrepreneur. Always coming up with different craft ideas and she loves to save up money, but hates spending it. I promised her I would buy her so Fimo Clay as she wanted to make some charms. She did make some charms out of salt dough, but for some odd reason they ended up going soggy. Anyway, I set her up in business with everything she needs to create little charms to sell to earn pocket money to buy more books/toys etc. It will teach her to manage money, which is important! She is aware that she has to buy the next lot of materials so needs to cost everything out. The above three charms she sold to the lovely lady in the craft shop who is sending them to family out in America. Her little face lit up as she made her first real sale!

Meet my Art Buddy

I brought this little Art Buddy Charm off my daughter and paid £2 for him. I think he is just adorable.

See, she has a good business head on her, no free-bees for Mummy dear, ha ha. And I paid more than the lady in the Craft Shop!


Unlike most Child Entrepreneurs, she will not tell you that it is all about the money. She enjoys making these little characters, but she also has a big heart and cares about others. We saw a Homeless guy last week outside Marks & Spencer. He had his blankets and a coconut shell full of pennies. I stopped and searched my Granny Trolley for food and offered him two packets of crisps, a packet of biscuits and a drink. I also gave my daughter a £1 to give to him. My little girl asked him "Do you have anywhere to live?" He started to cry and replied "No." My daughter said to me "Mummy when I grow up I will have a house for the homeless and I will take food round Cardboard City." The next morning, she had not forgotten the homeless guy and said "Mummy, it just breaks my heart that so many people just walked past him, I wanted to give him a home!" I felt that way too. But the reality is I don't know him and my Mum has had to help us out financially due to the lack of help and support for stay at home mothers in the UK. She did not have to, she wanted to. And also wants to help my little girl further her music career so has paid for a special app and a I Pad. Now she can create songs just like that and who knows if she can sell lots of them she could help the homeless. 

She is just like an Elephant and never forgets important things such as these!

If I had the money and the technology I would love to help talented people like this homeless guy.
He should be making money from his music. But the Music Industry has no heart!

My daughter loves to do singing book reviews. I can see her having a great career in this field.

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