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Friday, 20 September 2013

Daughter upset that computer is working

The computer has been broken for a few days. Yesterday I managed to get it working and said to my daughter "Good news! The Computer is working again!" She replied "Oh no, that's a shame!" Then she went on to say "Mummy, please don't go on the computer so much, because I want to spend time with you!" Truth be known I wish my website was just making enough money to pay the bills so I could give her 110% of my time. If Western Culture had child and family values, my business would be flying and I would have had an apology from Internet Broadband providers by now. I have faith in Google because they allow real news on You Tube. I would also be earning proper money. But sadly this is something I am going to have to fight hard for, and fight verbally I will as it simply is not good enough the way some men treat women in business, especially women like me who are trying to provide for my child and help other mothers earn from home. Makes you wonder what sort of family life they had as they obviously have no idea what real family life is all about and how to respect it and women!

Anyway she is currently sitting on the floor playing with her Sylvanian family toys at the moment. "Mummy, where is the toy microphone you made?" she asks as she sets up a little studio for her Sylvanian Singers in the Sylvanian Shop/Cafe. This is the little microphone I made.  

And Kitty Linda is having a gig in the cafe with her piano. Just like my daughters Daddy!

Her Daddy is starting a band and she wants to follow in his footsteps. So here is her video about setting up a children's band called Jazz Kids. Wish her luck in finding child musicians and backup singers.

She designed a doll the other day so Mummy is busy making it, based on her pattern. So come back if you are into rag dolls (Cloth Dolls) and arts and crafts. Here is the first rag doll she designed.

Lastly, we are setting up a Children's Council so if you would like to get involved please do get in contact. Leave a message on You Tube.
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