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Monday, 30 September 2013

Home school banned worldwide Obama

President Obama wants to ban Home school worldwide under the Hitler Nazi Law made in 1938 in Germany! Governments don't care about Children's Rights or want to hear what they want. I thought Governments were paid by the Tax Payer to protect children and family life, not destroy it!  Do me a favour and research Dr Reisman and how Dr Kinsey's S-- Education should be banned in all Western Schools and why and ask why is this muck in our schools? Please someone in the USA make sure Dr Reisman attends the Romeike Family Court case and do not allow Governments to destroy our children's rights! http://drjudithreisman.org/

I will be speaking to an MP this week and asking "If this Family are forced to go back to Germany that the UK opens it's doors and protects them!" Because this whole thing is totally Hitler Insane!


Google, only you can help bring justice to all our children, the Government has ignored Forced Adoption for Profit for years and look at how Jimmy Savile was protected! Yet they put in Gay Marriage just like that and want to encourage our children to experiment with things they should not even know about, instead of promoting good old fashioned family values and teaching them to keep their clothes on! I have nothing against Gay people. But children are more important than Gay Rights/Women's Rights etc. Children have the right is to live with their blood mother and father and for us a parents to be true role models and not let the media brainwash us into cheating and destroying our children's right to a happy childhood! We must bring back true family life for our kids sake.

MP John Hemming proves we have a serious problem within our Law System. Does Parliament seem bothered at all that children are being taken away from their families? "NO" of course not!

"Welsh Not" is not a fairy tale! The English Government really did bully the Welsh Children and force them to speak their language. Where does Hitler really come from? Take a good look at Germany and ask yourself is this a Country you would want your children growing up in? The red light district etc! The truth is, this is all about promoting breaking the family home. More Forced adoption for profit and encouraging parents to cheat, instead of what Home School parents teach, which is to give our children their human rights to a happy family home with a mother and father that respect one another and keep the family together. And for our children to act like children, not grown ups! There are also many business owners that are not happy with the Government as they are of no help whatsoever. My business included!

I want my daughter and grandchildren to have the childhood I had. Not this sick society we live in today. All children around the world deserve to live with their Mother and Father, if that is what they want! If you have children, think about their rights. My daughter wanted me to homes school her because of bullying. Schools are more and more like Nazi Camps now because of school checks.


My daughter wanted me to homes school her. Children have rights!


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