Monday, 30 September 2013

Prince Williams letter to my daughter

On Friday 27th September 2013, my daughter (Snowdrop) went to the door to collect the post. To her surprise she had received a letter addressed "Private and Confidential." When I worked as a PA this was a way to make sure only the addressee would get to open the letter. The envelope had the ER with the crown stamped on the front.

She opened the letter in great excitement and said "Mummy, Prince William has replied to my letter." This is what it read:

Thank you for your absolutely adorable letter, which The Duke of Cambridge was very touched to read. His Royal Highness was very grateful for your kind words about him and his brother, who were both so sad to lose their adored mother at such a young age.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in the very fortunate position of being able to ensure that they can be around young George during his early years. Pressures on families sometimes make this difficult.

The Duke has no plans to be in Swansea soon, or Weymouth Library, but he wishes you well for your beautiful singing stories.

My little girl was so proud that she took the letter to the Library to show Sarah and the ladies in the local Craft Shop/Co-op. The lovely thing is that my friend who is a qualified teacher tells me that most children cannot write a letter when they leave school, so I am very proud of my daughters writing skills for such a young age.

Here is one of her singing book reviews. She is still waiting to hear back from two libraries about doing singing stories for toddlers.

For more of Snowdrops Singing Book Reviews click on this link:

Get in contact and lets make some singing stories come to life.
What about creating a singing story for Prince George?

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