Friday, 27 September 2013

Welsh Not Film

When we moved to Wales, I was surprised that neighbours sent us Christmas Cards and welcomed us to the village. Not something I had ever experienced in England. There is something special about the Welsh People. Especially the older generation. The History of "Welsh Not," is very sad and I hope one day they will make a film about it. I worked in a school canteen for a while and got to know some of the history, it is not something these ladies would make up as they experienced it first hand and so did their parents. I first found out about "Welsh Not" from one of my neighbours. So find this article where the English Government deny it very sad!

Imagine your toilet overflowing and trying to fix it yourself as a Mum. Well I tried, and the water just kept pouring out onto the street. My neighbour across the road, knocked on the door and told me what was happening and I replied "I don't know what to do?" Bless him, he took his dog back and got his tools and fixed my toilet for free. He also said "If I ever needed any help to just knock the door." His wife is lovely too, they are the sort of people I wish we had more of. Compassion for others goes a long way. Now to make you laugh. Have a listen to our very noisy toilet and my little girls song.

Here are some of my daughters vegetable and fruit pirates, 
which helped me with some of the Welsh Language.

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