Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lego Music Chart

My daughter adores creating Lego videos. Here is the start of her Lego Music Chart. This is just the beginning.

Tracy Wild singing - I'm like a bird
(Real singer Serena Marine, otherwise known as Snowdrop/Little Snowflake Art.)

Mike Steel singing "Sweet Child of Mine."
(This is Serena Marines Daddy.)

Tracy Wild singing "Lets Rock."
(Singing Serena Marine.)

Ed Sheeran singing "Lego House."
Brilliant video

Serena Marine, new Child Radio Host for Freedom Talk Radio wants to talk to other
children and give them a voice to be heard!

Here is my daughters Homeschool Interview. Children have the right to choose their own education and who they live with. Listen to the show and help stop bullying!

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