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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lego Police to the rescue ...

Lego Police to the rescue. My daughters friend is not allowed to play with his Lego, he is only 12. How many other children trapped in the care system against their will are not allowed to enjoy being a child? He has been told he is too old! This video proves you are never too old for Lego.

Why is it the wrong people have all the power. The founder of this charity cannot even afford to put her heating on and people give to all the other charities that are on the make. She goes on the streets and talks to children that have run away from the sick and twisted care system in the UK.

This is my Nan's true story about her dreadful life as a child orphan. Children deserve better!
She was my hero and taught me wonderful family values and how to put children before yourself.
Something our world has lost sight of!

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