Friday, 6 December 2013


Good news for children with dyslexia or any other memory problem. We know how you struggle with Times Tables, but don't panic help is here!

Did you know that in your maths test you  are given a plain sheet of paper and you are allowed to write out your Multiplication Square!

Listen to Pat Dixon who teaches children with dyslexia. Her advice is excellent!
And the really good thing is that children no longer have to worry about not being able to learn their times tables, all they have to do is learn how to create a Multiplication Square.

Stress is very bad for children. My daughter hated maths in state school. But now she is Home Educated, she quite enjoys it, even though she does have a short term memory. This is her maths rap she created when she was in state school. You can hear clearly that state school really stressed her out because she could not keep up with the other children and ended up copying. Bullying and pressure in schools is something children can really do without.

This story proves why Home Education should not be banned. Read how dangerous it is for children
to feel worthless in state school because they cannot keep up! This is why Mothers need help to earn from home. Homeschool can save lives! Look at Amanda Todd's Story. If only the support was their for her!

Share your stories with us. Remember the British way of sweeping problems under the carpet does not solve the problem. That is why we all need to share stories and change things to create a better and kinder world for all our children. 

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