Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Here is a Lego Recycling kit. Very sweet! I would like to create a Lego Film with my daughter on how we as a family recycle things in our household with the pink, green, recycling bags and garden waste. And get the OK from the Council that we are doing things correctly!

I would like my daughter and I to meet with the Council with regards to making a Lego Recycling Film. I for one would like to know I am doing things correctly. And what should we do if we run out of the recycling bags and the recycling team fail to read your note requesting these bags? We all have such busy lives, popping down to the Library is not always an easy option!


My daughters radio show "Never too old for Lego." Although we have left the last radio host, we are hoping to get sponsorship for a new show. And will continue the show through my daughters above blog using You Tube videos.

Share your thoughts with us about recycling!

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