Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What is your life like?

Most people who are getting by, don't even question the Laws being passed by our Governments. But for those on poor salaries and high living expenses, it is time to try something new. I have just signed up to Co-op's You Gov!

Have you got a Co-op Membership Card? If so you can sign up now on line and you will be sent the link to You Gov. I never knew the Co-op did so much for the community! Did you?

I am hoping the Co-op is a team player and will do their best to create a better and fairer world for all our children. As a Mother, I really want to shop with a company that cares about children and family life. I also want to Bank with a business that bends over backwards to help families that are struggling, instead of ripping them off with high interest rates, because they are being exploited with low salaries.

Well I best borrow some green recycling bags from one of my friends, otherwise I could end up with a £1,000 fine!

On a happy note. There are free prizes to be won at our Lego Event in April.

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