Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rabbit bad hair day

Coco, my daughters bunny rabbit, loves to dig, hence the bad hair day! No idea why she thinks she can dig her way out of the plastic cage. And do not quite understand why she would want to, as she gets plenty of time outside in the garden with Cindy Woo, our other pet rabbit. Both Cindy Woo and Coco Boo got wet this morning. They seem to love sitting in the rain. Melody, my daughter, decided to give Coco and Cindy a make-over and used the hairdryer to dry them off. I think you can agree Coco looks much better.

Here is Cindy Woo sitting in the rain.

Cindy Woo had to have a shower.

Before I became a Mum, I never had any pets as they make me ill with Asthma. But when you have children you tend to do all you can to make them happy. I am one lucky Mummy and adore my daughters songs.

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