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Monday, 26 May 2014

Dork Diaries supports HOMESCHOOL

Dork Diaries author Rachel Renee Russell supports Homeschool. Her books are all about bullying in state school, which most children sadly can relate to. Bullying is not normal and most people admit they end up being bullies because they were bullied in school. When is society going to change? And when are the bullies going to admit they need to change and support people, instead of bullying? We need to listen to children and give them a voice. Grown ups do not always know what is best for children, so let the child speak. It is their life! Let them be happy! Melody begged to be homeschooled and people need to respect her wishes.

Here is Prince Williams letter to Melody. He enjoyed her singing stories and admits families have a tough time.

I would like to thank the local Bont Library for supporting Melody and making her feel special. They want to put Melody's Dork Diaries letter up on their Library Wall. And have asked her to bring in any other letters that are from interesting people.

Shame we only have emails from Lego with regards to the present they sent her. They loved her Lego Songs. Rachel Renee Russell is happy for Melody, so I hope others will understand her wishes and just let her choose the sort of life she wants. After all she admits she turned into a bully because of state school bullying and that is not the sort of person she wants to be!

Terry Deary from Horrible Histories asks the question ...


We need to listen to children as they know what they want!

Melody knows what she wants, let her shine!

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