Thursday, 22 May 2014

Jehovah's Witnesses don't help children!

You hear that knock at the door and when you open it your heart sinks, "NOT THE JEHOVAH WITNESSES AGAIN!" I actually feel sorry for them as they are totally controlled and are not allowed to think for themselves or ask questions! They claim they are the Mother of all religions, if that is correct then I feel sorry for the children, as they do not stand by good morals and family values.

My conversation with a Jehovah's Witness

I asked her how many Jehovah Witnesses are there? She replied "EIGHT MILLION!"
Well imagine the good Eight Million people could do if they actually did something positive to help children and stopped FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT, as proved by MP John Hemming. We cannot get political she replied. I told her "DON'T KNOCK MY DOOR AGAIN, BECAUSE I HAVE NO TIME FOR PEOPLE THAT DO NOT HELP CHILDREN AND PROTECT FAMILY LIFE!" And God did not get a pen and write the bible, man did! I believe in God and I am 100% sure he would want you all to be team players and help and protect ALL children and family life!

All these religions seem to be the same, not one of them does anything to help children and protect family life. I went into my local church and asked if they would help me earn money from home to support my daughter and help other mothers do the same. They replied "NO WE NEED THE MONEY." Well we know where all the money goes! I think it is time they learnt to share! Who controls the Churches? Think about it!

What Jehovah's Witnesses Don't Tell You! 

I would like to see all religious groups fighting verbally to protect children and families from 
FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT. And bring back true meaning to Family life.
All the time they waste knocking doors could be spent protecting children from this!

But then these people seem to protect bad people, so what should we expect!

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