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Monday, 26 May 2014


25th May 2014

For the attention of MP JOHN HEMMING,

Ending Forced Adoption for Profit and helping mothers earn from home

My eleven year old daughter wrote to you last week, and I would very much appreciate a response. Melody believes in old fashioned family values and wants Mummy at home! Can you explain why there is no help for mothers to earn from home using the Internet? I have been seriously miss-sold because when I remortgaged to set up in business, I was unaware of all this corruption against children and mothers. It is very obvious that Forced Adoption for Profit is the reason struggling families get no support.

I did try to email you on three occasions and called your office. But sadly the the brick walls are firmly up. I was told that you would not be able to deal with my inquiry because I do not live in your area. Mr Hemming my Nan was a child victim of the state (orphaned at four years old) and I am deeply concerned over the safety of our children and women in the UK and overseas. I had a meeting with my MP last year, and I want to know why my questions have not been answered? MP Claire Perry's office got in contact with me last year, because the lady was concerned over the Student Prostitution Lottery Magazine I picked up from the Library. Sadly the lady dealing with this no longer works for the office and the rest of the staff are of no help. So where do we go from here? I am aware that there are over 700 MPs and you are the only one really active with regards to trying to help children and families.

Here is my daughters letter, which she wrote last week. The reason she is writing to you is because I have been trying for over five years to get support and justice for children and mothers, and I am being ignored!

I would appreciate your support with the media to auction off my engagement ring to obtain funding to help mothers work from home and end Forced Adoption for Profit. And challenge the Lottery for destroying children and family life and force them to save it, by funding ideas and means to help mothers to earn from home. We need to change the way society thinks. Children should always be put first! And have a voice!

Please reply to my daughters letter. And my questions!

Dr Reisman won in Croatia recently and proved they were the only Country that did not have a problem with teen pregnancies because their children were taught to keep their clothes firmly on! And were not taught Sex Education! Could you please comment on why the Government is trying to lower the age of consent? And why they are trying to legalise student prostitution. My MP said "The girls are old enough." Is this the opinion of every MP in Government? I have read that MPs cheat on their wives with mistresses and prostitutes, which clearly is bad role modelling for our society! Princess Diana was bullied for having good old fashioned family values and expected to put up with her cheating husband. Children and women deserve better!

In Germany women are forced to take prostitute jobs or have their benefits stopped!

The damage prostitution does to women and families.

My Nan's True Story as a child orphan, made to eat and sleep in a shed with her brothers. 
Social Services made their life hell!

I think this video proves why children and women are not respected!
If the men in Government do not respect children and women, then why are they in Parliament?

Can you please comment on Dr Kinsey and why this dreadful material is used in our state schools.

Please comment on this Court Case with regards to Forced Adoption for Profit and why nothing is being done to protect children and families.

We live in a very bullying society Mr Hemming. I very much hope that you will reply to my daughters letter and help us protect and promote family life for all the children. Terry Deary from Horrible Histories asks the question "WHY DO PEOPLE BEHAVE THE WAY THEY DO?" I think you know the answer to that!

If this Country put children and family first I would have received the free IT support I was entitled to. I want to help mothers earn from home and protect children from all the above.

Yours faithfully,

Sharon J. Bainbridge

P.S. My ring will help fund this competition to promote and protect children and family life.


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