Friday, 30 May 2014


30 May 2014

Dear Fathers for Justice (


Song, I miss you Daddy, by Melody my daughter!
My daughters father has to work in Weymouth and we are stuck in Wales. Children need their family!

I wonder if you would help me with something. I am sure I was told that Fathers-4-Justice-org would not help stop FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT as proved by MP John Hemming. I just wondered if this is true and if so why? Children need hero's.

When I took this magazine into my MP and complained that the Swansea University had obtained funding from the Lottery to brainwash student girls into Prostitution. He replied "THE GIRLS ARE OLD ENOUGH." Sadly this is all linked to the selling of our poor children and I think you would agree that it needs to stop! I am sure I have contacted you before, but never heard back! I would like support to stop this! And to help bring back good old fashioned values where parents put children 1st.

My daughter wants Mummy and Daddy together and sadly because of Forced Adoption for Profit Mummy is not getting the support she deserves to earn from home, so she can help other mothers. Children want and need Mummy at home. And fathers need to earn enough money to support their family.

I think you should put this video on your website!

Children need both their mother and father. So the sooner we work together as a team and start changing the way the world sells children and women as objects, the better. Sadly I cannot see you helping me help mothers earn from home. My step Dad is an amazing husband and father and I know lots of wonderful Dad's, but not many hero's that want to create a child/family friendly world. I am going to be frank with you and that is I know a lot of women hurt by men. And my MP to this date has not show any respect for children and women by taking this website down it laughs in the faces of women attacked by men. But then he agrees with student prostitution. I know too many women victims, all thanks to cheating sites, gambling and alcohol. Please, I would really appreciate fathers to prove that they are not addicted to this muck and to help change the Internet to be child and family friendly as well as the media!

Children need Hero's and Heroines, but most of all they need a Mother and Father who respect one another and put THEIR CHILDREN FIRST! Children need their parents together! And some men need to change. Good men need to teach some men how to treat children and mothers (Women.)

Look forward to hearing form you,



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