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On duty with the Queen Dickie Arbiter

What does Prince William think of Dickie Arbiter? And his new book "ON DUTY WITH THE QUEEN." Does Dickie Arbiter say anything nice about his poor mother, Princess Diana? Her memory deserves respect as she was pure when she married Prince Charles, and was very much in love. Sadly Prince Charles when asked by the press "Are you in love" he replied "Whatever love is!" Prince Charles was never faithful to her and even worse, he let his children down, because they did not get the family life they deserved. Princess Diana was used as a baby making machine and bullied by the Royals to keep her husbands affair quiet! All Princess Diana ever wanted was to be loved and to give her children the family life she never had with a father and mother, who put their children first. Any information on protecting the memory of Princess Diana should be public knowledge. I just hope Dickie Arbiter tells the truth and this is not just some publicity stunt to try and make out the victim, Princess Diana, was a bad person, when we all know she was a true heroine and her death was no accident!

1. What does Prince William think of this statement by Dickie Arbiter about his Mother?

"If Diana had been living in medieval times, she would have had her head chopped off." - Dickie Arbiter, former press spokesperson for the Queen 

Throughout history women were murdered for speaking out about their cheating husbands. You can listen to Dicke Arbiter saying the above statement on a video on this website.

2. What does Prince William think about Dickie Arbiter claiming his mother was not pretty and had a big nose?

3. What does Prince William think of Dickie Arbiter making money out of his mothers death. £250,000 is what we need to help mothers and women earn from home with no fees. It amazes me how the rich always profit! I feel the public has the right to know how badly Prince Charles treated Princess Diana and force the media to change to protect children and families in the future from this Royal Brainwashing, where men believe they have a right to have mistresses and not put their children and the mothers of their children first!

Is Prince Charles really worried about Dickie Arbiter's book? Or is it just another publicity stunt to try and make Princess Diana look bad?

I have the following questions for Prince William, which I would like answered. Princess Diana was a mother I truly respected and felt sorry for. It is time for her sons to protect her memory! I want to believe that Prince William has the same compassion Princess Diana had for children and families. The Royal Family are paid by the Tax Payer, so therefore, they are public servants! Here is a video of the Queen making her vows to Great Britain, where she states very clearly that she will do her best to work for us!

1.  Prince William, can you please tell me why the Queen of England makes it a rule not to help children? As a public servant, paid by the Tax Payer, surely it is her duty to put children and families first. She has the power and money to easily raise funding to buy the field for these children. The Welsh school has no field and they have to drive 45 minutes to Mumbles for their sports day. Surely the English School should share the field with the Welsh School? Especially as the Welsh were punished for speaking their own language.

The history on Welsh NOT! State school children punished for speaking Welsh in Wales.

Artist Josephine Wall even supported our children! And she is not paid by the Tax Payer!

If actor Michael Sheen can take time out to support children and try and save the school field, especially when he is not paid by the Tax Payer to do so. Then I am sure the Queen should re think her role! This is what actor Michael Sheen has to say about the children's Butterfly Meadow and School field. My MP told me the Queen is above the Law. So why is she NOT protecting children and families?

"A special gift like this needs to be treasured and protected as nature can teach us many magical things.
"We should all be doing our very best to protect and look after our environment and I wish you the best of luck with saving your school field and meadow."

5. Has Prince William ever stood up publicly to protect his mothers memory by speaking out about the way his father treated her? Prince Charles told Princess Diana "He was not going to be the only man in the Royal Family not to have a mistress!" How does Prince William feel about this? How many mistresses has the Queen's husband had? I feel the public have the right to know this information as they are meant to be role models for children and families.

Because his father could not commit to one women, Prince William questioned himself, here is part of the Daily Mail article 

'The problem was William: he had very real worries about whether it was possible to love just one woman. After his hurricane childhood, he was understandably cautious about committing to a relationship,' Junor writes in the book. 

This proves why we have so many failed marriages. Little boys need father figures who respect the mothers of their children. If they don't then they can end up following in their fathers footsteps! My friends ex boyfriend paid for his son to see prostitutes. These fathers need to be shamed!

6. If Princess Diana were alive today, she would support the protection of children and families from Forced Adoption for Profit. So the question is "Would Prince William?" Here is MP John Hemming, proving we have Secret Family Courts (in the Queens name) and Gags. I personally feel it is Prince Williams duty to look at this evidence and do something, especially as he supports a charity for people that have lost loved ones. Imagine all the children screaming whilst evil Social Services take them away to live with people they do not know. The tax payer pays £500 a week per child re Forced Adoption. No wonder we are in a recession!

What does Prince William think of this? 

7. If I as a mother who has had to struggle on £600 a month because the UK is anti children and family. And can offer my engagement ring to raise money to help mothers earn from home and protect children from the above. I expect the Royals to do their bit as public servants! They have the money and power to protect children and family life and if they wanted to they could make all our lives better. I would like to know how many prostitute mothers we have in the UK and overseas because of forced recessions. And why child psychologists are not protecting the damaged children of prostitute mothers, but instead are trained to have open minds and refuse to fight against prostitution. All very suspect!

I do not need this ring to prove my commitment to my family. This is why I would like help to auction it off to raise money towards a website to help mothers/women earn from home with no fees! And protect girls and women from being sold into the sex trade.

If Prince Charles was the father and husband I expected him to be. Then I would not have been disappointed by my MP, who told me the Student Girls were old enough to be prostitutes. Men have modelled themselves on Prince Charles, which is why so many families are suffering today! And why MPs have no respect for children and mothers/women! We are not objects for sale!

I would like Prince William and his wife Kate to research the war on children and women and how the sex industry is destroying family life. If they can raise money with a see through dress, then I am sure they can raise more money with an engagement ring, which stands for morals and justice for children, women and family life. And put an end to the media promoting cheating men!


When I see a problem, I question "How can we fix it?" We can fix anything if we try. That includes creating camcorders that last, ha ha! But then they would not make as much money out of us, would they! The problem we currently have is the lack of team players, people who really care about children and women and want to protect them. As mothers, fathers and grandparents we need to think of all children and what sort of future are they going to have if we do not debate important issues, which are destroying children and family life. So here is my solution. I would like to see fathers turning into real heroes and fighting for their little girls to have a better future. Imagine how proud we could all be if fathers started fighting against things that are destroying family life. And if mothers did the same because children need heroines too! On the following blog I talk about a website, which will protect children and save family life. All we need is a team!

If you could be a Superhero, what would you do? I think I need to add stop bullying to my Super Mummy Poster! I need a team of people with the same morals and values to make sure our children have a brighter and happier future. Email Sharon:



Thanks to I have managed to help improve my daughters health by cutting out fluoride. Fluoride made Melody, my daughter, ill.  Fluoride is bad for asthma! Whenever she brushed her teeth it stressed her out because she could not stop coughing up huge amounts of phlegm. In Wales our drinking water is not fluoridated. I called Welsh Water to double check and they told me although the water is not fluoridated at the moment, they are trying to add fluoride to it. I said "They can't do that, because it is a poison!" The lady on the other end of the phone replied "I KNOW!"  Growing pains, similar to what Melody had are related to Fluoride! The fact is you do not have to listen to me. Just do your research. Our kids need their parents to have an open and free mind because their future depends on us! And whatever you do, do not let the dentist coat your child's teeth with fluoride varnish, this is extremely toxic. I am fuming that a temp dentist put this muck on my little girls teeth. The girl against fluoride is taking the Irish Government to court to stop them putting poison in their water. We need to protect our children and help her win!



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