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Sunday, 26 October 2014


My daughter, Melody, fell in love with the little hand knitted mice the lady from Weymouth/Dorset created. Because Melody's bunny rabbit, Cindy Woo, went missing this summer, I wanted to get her a toy rabbit to remind her of him. I asked Melody, would she like me to get her to knit Cindy Woo, our lost Bunny Rabbit, for Christmas. Of course, Melody was overjoyed. She had seen a little woollen mouse artist, and wanted Cindy Woo to be made the same way. The above picture shows the end result. I think it is well worth £25. Sadly the lady is now in her eighties. She and her husband worked as a team. He created all the wooden features from washed up wood on the beach, and of course, she knitted the amazing little characters. Melody wanted to interview them and show off all their creations, but sadly her daughter-in-law said she is too old and is now retiring. Take a look at some of their outstanding wool and wood creations ...  

Wool and Wood (Dorset/Weymouth)

One Christmas I turned the Zhu Zhu toy into Cindy Woo. It is amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination. 

Melody, used to be known as Little Snowflake. Cindy Woo, her pet Bunny Rabbit, was part of her little art show. 

This was the little blog I created for her. She has been making art and craft videos from the age of 5 years old. Melody is just like her father, who is an amazing singer and entertainer.

Cindy Woo, Melody's pet bunny rabbit, did not like the Toothless I created for my little girl. I think Cindy Woo liked to have Melody's full attention, and no toy was going to get in the way. In this video you can hear Melody tell Cindy Woo "Hey, don't bite my Toothless!"

Here is Cindy Woo, when he was a baby rabbit. Yes, notice how I said "HE." Melody really wanted a girl rabbit, and I just did not have the heart to tell her that Cindy Woo was a boy. Of course when he went missing, I told her. And yes, she loved him anyway.

Cindy Woo had a good life. He got to play in our big garden. If only he stayed in the garden and did not venture out, he would be alive today. The last we heard was that he was eating our neighbours lettuces with Coco Boo, Melody's other bunny rabbit. Naughty bunnies! But our neighbour was very good about it and even gave Melody some of his lettuces in the hope Cindy Woo would come back. But sadly I think a Fox got her poor rabbit. My other neighbour told me a Fox had been on our patio near the kitchen, looking at Coco Boo. Of course this would break Melody's heart, so I will wait until she is older to tell her.

Cindy Woo hated water, but loved the rain!

Cindy Woo liked to raid the food recycling to get to Melody's old toast.

Cindy Woo in the bath. He was so sweet.

Melody created a song about Cindy Wood on this video. I am proud that she does not blame anyone for her pet bunny rabbit going missing. And even prouder that she does not blame god, unlike Fiddler on the Roof. We are not church people, for a reason. I believe in team work. Our church turned me away when I asked for help for struggling mothers to earn from home. I was told "NO, WE NEED THE MONEY." Their god must be red with big horns and a long tail!

Melody's new blog. She had to quit the Never too old for Lego radio show. Our world has no respect for children, mothers or families. And this Super Mummy hopes to make a change! Never give up on our children! Change is possible, if we become a real team! My daughter is home educated because of bullying. I don't have to worry about her anymore. If she were in school, there is no way I would show her face on the Internet. Not with the research I have done! 

I am so glad we created so many videos of Melody and Cindy Woo. He may be gone, but she has a lot of fun videos to look back on. And something she can share with her own children when she grows up. Hopefully her family will not struggle the way families do today.

That's all from me. Signing off from Super Mummy. This is a little character Melody created for me. I feel proud that she can tell me anything and sees me as a super heroine that protects her from bullies.


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