Friday, 24 October 2014

Melody Lego Figure

Melody created a self portrait of herself, as a Lego Figure, with her friend on Portland Beach. I just adore children's art. Maybe one day when our world is child, mother and family friendly, kids will have their own art gallery.

Life is a little bit like a Lego Brick, you are forever having to knock the brick walls down. Here is Melody's jingle for her old radio show "Never too old for Lego." To say I am really annoyed with the Internet, is an understatement. Our world needs to beef up and start putting children, mothers and families first. Even though we had to quit this radio show because the radio owner and  Internet gets away with disrespecting children, mothers and families. I will never give up on real justice and will force change! You only have to read the papers and look on You Tube to see we have a serious problem with regards to lack of respect and protection for our children, mothers and families. Open your eyes and be the hero/heroine every child needs!

Melody made this Super Mummy loom doll for me. I am her heroine, because I protect her from bullies. All children need a hero/heroine!

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