Friday, 24 October 2014


Melody, my daughter, drew this brilliant character of Toothless as a Lego Figure. She even included the author of How to train your dragon, Cassida Cowell.

Melody used watercolour pencils, which she loves! If my blog had the gadget shop, like it used to, I would have added them to this blog. But lets face it Mum's, life is not made easy for us. We are not meant to earn real money from blogging. They make it as difficult as possible for us to work from home for a reason. See if you can work it out by researching the problems children face in state care and in state school. Maybe one day our world will be run by people who are child, mother and family friendly. Until that day comes, we just have to complain as much as possible to force change. So put on your Super Mummy outfit on, and start opening your eyes to real problems in our world. We need to be team players and stop sweeping real issues under the carpet. Get rid of that broom and get your cape on!

Melody made this Super Mummy loom doll for me. I am her heroine, because I protect her from bullies. All children need a hero/heroine!

Melody loves this little Toothless costume for her Build a bear.

Melody's little dragon song. 

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