Monday, 19 January 2015

Dear Mortgage Lender

Monday, 19th January 2015

Dear Mortgage Lender,

Sharon J. Bainbridge, Swansea, Wales UK

I am writing this open letter requesting that you please release some of the equity from my property. We have a four bed detached house, which requires some updating. My daughters father needs to go on a course, so he can earn a proper wage, which sadly costs money. And my talented daughter wants to continue homeschooling, and WANTS MUMMY AT HOME! I have been trying to get support to earn from home for two long. Sadly, the UK does not support children, mothers and families due to FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT, as proved by MP John Hemming. It is in their best interest to make it as difficult as possible for families to earn money, especially mothers, because children are worth huge profits to them.

As you can see from this video. MP John Hemming states very clearly that the UK Government will not stop Forced Adoption for Profit. Sadly, they have taken the original video off You Tube.

My mortgage is less than £30,000 and going by this property should be worth well over £150,000.

This property is being marketed at £189.00

If our world was child and family friendly, the Internet, Police and Government would have fined the evil people that destroyed my work and business on-line. AND GIVEN ME FINANCIAL COMPENSATION AND AN APOLOGY!

As a family we have been financially struggling because my bank refused to help me re-mortgage, due to low wages, yet they gave me a high interest 14% loan, which has crippled me. If they had allowed me to re-mortgage I would be paying £300 a month, instead of £600. This is obviously in the Banks BEST INTEREST and not mine or my families, and links in with FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT. CRIPPLING FAMILIES ON PURPOSE!

I am copying this blog and letter to Dr Judith Reisman to beg for media help to support struggling families and protect them from THE ELITE ACADEMIC PAEDOPHILES, who are destroying our children and family life.

Here is Dr Judith Reismans eye witness statement:

RE: Swansea University silent on 1970s paedophilia advocate  By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: March 03, 2014   SWANSEA University has declined to comment on an invitation made to a notorious advocate for paedophilia to speak at a conference on its campus during the 1970s.  “It was reported that almost all 96 international academics attending signed a "free speech" petition saying the paedophile must speak and the staff must work.”  I was at that conference, “After I received my doctorate in Communications in 1977, I did a research report on children, women and pornography that was
accepted by the British Psychological Association’s International Conference on “Love and Attraction”
at Swansea University, Wales. As I was leaving London for Wales, news headlines announced that…”see Guardian article and the attached preface to my book. Yes, this was the origin of the “Academic Pedophile Lobby” and the conference organizers knew it and planned it.

Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor, Director, Liberty Center for Child Protection
Liberty School of Law

I am no longer shocked as to the lack of help and support for children and families here in the UK. The above explains everything.

The big question is, are you going to refuse my right to take back some of the deposit I put down on my house. I paid a huge deposit of £60,000. And feel it is my right to use some of this money to PROTECT MY CHILD AND FAMILY from ELITE PAEDOPHILES.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Sharon J. Banbridge

cc: Dr Judith Reisman - Professor of Law at Liberty University

P.S. My Bank is not interested in sponsoring my talented daughter. Who is the best role model for little girls, because she knows how to act and dress like a little girl, and not a grown up! Girls her age are wearing make-up and high heels. This attracts bad, evil people. And changes need to be made! 

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