Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Dear Jennette,

I have been thinking about this a lot, and I feel I owe you an OPEN APOLOGY!

State school never educated me with morals and values. But thankfully, my Nan did! As she was my heroine, a true warrior/protector of children and families. I would like to do the right thing and say sorry, openly on my BLOG!

Remember, when we were friends in secondary school. We both went to the Grove in Hastings. My fondest memory is when I stood up on the girls changing room bench and SHOUTED "LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!" The diva bullying girls, were so shocked, that they did just that! Well, lets face it, who would expect a small, shy, girl like myself to speak out in such a way. I had NO FEAR! And still DON'T! Deep down I have always thought that friends and family should protect one another. But sadly our awful Western Culture has let us all down! It is never too late to change it!

Jennette, as I got older, and selfish Western Culture wormed it's way into my little mind. I wanted to hang out with the hip girls. Not the bitchy diva's, but the girls that did outrageous FUNNY things. So I left you. And there you were, all alone in the class, with no friends. I let you down! I cannot change what I did. But, I have educated my daughter to be a better person. And to never repeat the mistakes that I have made. She admits that if she had stayed in school, she would have ended up a bully, just to protect herself! Melody, like me, stood up for her friends in state school, when they were bullied. But sadly, not one of them did the same for her. Education has let us all down!

I don't expect you to forgive me Jennette. But, I wanted you to know that becoming a mother has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Children can teach us many things. And one of them is how to be better people!

I hope to one day find you, and to apologise to your face. But for now, maybe with some luck this blog will find it's way to your door. And you will know that I am truly SORRY.

When I get time, I will try and find an old photo of myself, so you can put a face to the story.


If you want to chat, get in contact. I am not like most Western Mothers, I try to talk about problems and solve them. So you may find some of my discussions rather different. But remember, my heart is in the right place now, and that is all that counts. They say people cannot change, this is a lie! If I can change, anyone can. We can always strive to be better people. I owe my sister an open apology also! Western Culture will change, and one day there will be a culture to be proud of!

Here is my You Tube channel. I am always fighting off bullies. But I am a warrior, like my Nan and never give up on CHANGING THINGS FOR THE BETTER! I would love to hear from you!

This is my darling daughter. They want to bully me to take all her videos off You Tube. But the fact is she has more right to be on here than SOME EVIL grown ups. She wants to build an Internet Portfolio to get her dream job. And I will make sure no one stands in her way! Every child has a talent, and they deserve to shine and need support from good, kind, people with true child and family friendly values.  

I will get sponsorship for my daughter, Melody! And then I hope it will start the ball rolling for others to do the same with their children. There are so many talented children on You Tube. We need a child and family friendly channel so they can shine properly away from the BULLIES!

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