Saturday, 25 April 2015


My daughter loves her rabbits! Mummy rabbit, Coco Boo, had babies last year. Such a sweet photo!
Rabbits love company and FAMILY! They eat together and cuddle, just like us! So if you are thinking of getting a bunny rabbit, try and get them a bunny friend. Or take one of their sisters/brothers so they have part of their family with them! It is very lonely for rabbits when they are caged on their own.

The rabbits used to run free in the garden, but sadly, last year Cindy Woo went missing.

Cindy Woo was a little monkey. I had to hide the recycling bin! Try and give your rabbits as much hay as possible. The nuggets can give them the runs. Dandelions and grass is good for them.

This is Melody with Cindy Woo when she was very young!

Melody's drawing Cindy Woo as a  Blue Nose character!

Both Melody and I are allergic to bunny rabbits. But hope to change this by eating differently. 

Melody's "Never too old for Lego channel!" She has not been making videos lately as she needs a special camera for Lego stop motion animation! One day the ship will come in.

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