Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Margot Kidder Activist Welsh Blood (Lois Lane from Superman)

Margot Kidder joked about her Welsh Blood, and how it made her a warrior activist.


I would really like to have a real chat with actress/activist, Margot Kidder, about our Planet and our children's/ grandchildren's future. Personally, I could not give a damn, if I sent half the audience to sleep at Comic Con ... when I asked her what she thought of the USA off the grid Earthships. She found it interesting and wants to research it. This stuff is important!

I would love to interview Margot. And find out what she thinks of the Welsh Not, and how the Native Canadian children were forced to speak English. As well as other matters relating to healing through natural methods, rather than drugs. And our children's/grandchildren's, wildlife and planets future!  

I also wonder what she thinks of the Elites trying to ban organic seed sharing. 

My daughter had her friend over last night. She just said to me, "Mummy I missed you last night, will you please spend some time with me?" Ah bless. See that is the thing about Homeschooling your child, these kids actually love their parents, because we give them our time. We usually always cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film together in the evening. She really misses me if we don't get that quality time together. Time to go and find a film. I think we should watch Superman with the true Superherione Margot Kidder. Also got some Lego to build with her. Busy week!

Speak soon. And thanks for following my Blog. Talk to me, I am on You Tube, and I answer all my messages if I get them. So share your stories the Butterfly Lullaby way. And here is to hope for a better and brighter future for our children and planet.

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