Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Melody's Christmas earning money from singing

In this video you can see Melody's new Lego animation, and see her sing White Christmas at the end. She wants people to see her sing. And her father feels I have held her back by not showing her face etc. But I have had Internet concerns. The last thing I want to do is stop her from shining. And seeing as she is Home Educated, I feel she should be just fine. Especially, as she does not dress or act like most girls her age. Melody has old fashioned values like her Mum. And tells me everything!

Melody told me she wants to earn money from singing. I believe she can do it! But I have to knock down the Elite Brick Walls first, which stand in her way! They are not just standing in her way, but these walls prevent so many talented children/people from achieving their dreams. I look at how the Internet gets away with promoting things that are not child and family friendly, and how this destroyed her little "Never too old for Lego Radio show," and I feel Melody is owed an apology and compensation! If they had not trashed her show with revolting images, Melody would have gone on to promote it through the Library etc. Lego supported her and sent her a gift! It is just damn right not acceptable that bad people get away with doing evil things, and it is time parents complained about this smut they plague us with on-line. It is not good for children or family life. They need to be fined and people compensated!

But anyway, on the upside. Lets hope that next year we can get the Dragonframe Animation software working, without having to try and find the money for a new Camera. We need some child and family friendly entertainment. And who better to create these films, but our children. I hope they put many grown ups to shame!

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