Sunday, 31 January 2016


I wrote the song Entangled in time in 2011. It is about being a struggling artist. The funny thing is, I now know why artists struggle. An Elite run system is not equal!
My partner, Jakson Lee (Lee Todd) created the music and recorded the song. If only I could sing!

She paints many colours
She draws many things
The beauty surrounds her
Is not from within
Her childhood her freedom
The loves lost and died
Her pallet is empty
No feelings to hide

No one is watching
No one really cares
They can't see her colours
Which she wants to share
For she's just an artist
With dreams such as mine
A love that's entangled in time

Chase many rainbows
They scatter her tears
The storm that's within her 
Discolours her fears

She longs for the sea view
To paint all her dreams
A pallet of colours
For you and for me

For she's just an artist
That nobody knows
her pallet is empty 
Her dreams are disclosed
They don't see her paintings
Her creations of love 
The struggles before her
Take route in the dust

Rainbow your pallet 
Close your eyes and dream
Who cares if there watching
Who needs to be seen

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