Sunday, 8 January 2017

Silk musical sofa cushions by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Melody, my all singing, musical daughter, loves my Sofa cushions I created. 

She said .. "Mum, can you make me one for my room? I really like them!" I take this as a huge complement, because my darling daughter is very, and I mean, very ... FUSSY!

I based the design on one of my favourite Musical Limited Edition Prints, I purchased sixteen years ago (2000.) And tweaked it a bit. The name of the print is called ... "PLAY IT SAM." I met the artist. And if I remember rightly he created it on the computer. This print is number one of fifty. I love the colours and design. I hope Simon is still selling his art. I cannot read his surname. Starts with W. If he reads this, I hope he will get in contact with me through You Tube ...


If Melody gets through to the TV audition stage for Britain's Got Talent, I will make her a long Silk, hand painted, Musical T-shirt. 

I would like to thank American Film Director, Tom Seidman, for supporting Melody's art and musical abilities. And for forwarding us the link for her to audition for Britain's Got Talent. He said, "Melody deserves the same success as Susan Boyle!"

If she does not get through, maybe America will sponsor her for America's Got Talent?

Melody takes after her father. He is a talented man musically and I adore his voice. The fact he plays by ear, and creates his own songs ... has to be admired. I wrote this song Mother for our mums. Lee (Jakson Lee) created the music, and finished it off with his smooth voice. 


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