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Original song CROWN by Melody age 14

This Christmas 2017, Melody (our 14 year old daughter) and my partner ... created this amazing song CROWN!

Melody Angel wrote the lyrics and created the melody. Lee (her Dad), created all the music and put the song together. What do you think? Please follow the link and leave a comment  and share (thanks):

Jason Sivyer gave Melody a microphone last year because he really believes in her talent. We were so grateful, because it allowed her to record ... "You Lost me!" He would like to act as her agent. See below video he uploaded yesterday with the lyrics to the CROWN on his channel:

Melody Angel - Crown - Lyrics Video

American Film Director, Tom Sideman, fully supports Melody as a singing artist. Last year he sent us a link for her to audition for Britain's Got Talent. 

When I sent Tom the above Crown Song he said, and I quote:

That song is amazing!  My god, the talent that girl (and her dad!) has.  She simply must keep singing, writing, & getting herself out there.  I am not connected in the music business here, but if I ever come across an opportunity to promote her and pass her music along, I will.

Last year I sent Tom a copy of Melody singing the Christina Aguilera song, "You Lost me!" 

He said:

Melody, age 13, singing ... "You Lost me!"

Full version of YOU LOST ME!

13 year old Melody singing You Lost me by Christina Aguilera + art

You can here Melody sing other songs on the below link:

It is fun living in a house full of such talented and gifted people. I am one lucky MUM!


Omg! I Love It! Thank you soooo much for sharing. 
May I share as well? 

Above quote by Christina Macias from OMEGA TALENT AGENCY

Christina, a USA Talent Scout, gave Melody the following advice last year (2017):

Melody, first off I hope you asthma is much better. I too suffer from moderate to sever asthma. Your breathing sounds much better on this clip. I am not sure if this is your mother's channel or yours. You really need your own but have an adult monitor it. You also need a your own website or at the very least a Facebook fan page. I love the art work you put together for this video. However, when making music videos it would be wonderful to see your face some how incorporated into the video with a fade from a side by side to a full screen of the animation. Maybe costume yourself up as one of your anime characters. Or perhaps maybe singing to your anime characters. But somehow get your face on the screen even if it's only for a second You have a beautiful voice and have had since you were very young. Great pitch, beautiful vibrato. Voice lessons and how to care for you voice are great benefits. You need to work on branding yourself. If you wish to brand yourself as an artist that's great make more videos like this but introduce yourself within less than 10 seconds before the video. Look into the camera a say something like "Hi YouTube. I'm Melody, welcome to my channel. This is my new song." Give the title. "I hope you enjoy it". After the video thank your audience for watching. Ask them to share and subscribe. As a talent agent from the states I think you have so much potential. Not sure what Simon Cowell would say but his opinion only counts on Idol. Which in the states is no longer exists . I guess that means neither should his opinion. Lol. JK. Start building your following now while your young. As for banding, make sure the way you write/type your name is always the same. Make yourself a mark or logo that's unique to you so that when people see it they know it's you no matter what social media site your on. Another great idea for you, since you love drawing, is to make an animated series on your YouTube channel. Have each segment be 5 to 10 minutes long. Write a theme song for it. Have your friends help you with the character voices. Get yourself a talent agent if you don't already have one. I hope I will see big things come of you in my lifetime but do it soon. I don't how much longer I have. JK. I probably shouldn't joke like that. If you don't already have an agent or want more advice have a parent PM me . One other thing, always, always exercise internet safety. I will definitely share your channel and your work with my friends and colleagues here in the states. Peace, love and best wishes to you and yours. Ciao for now. To think, I only saw this because I wanted another opinion on the salt inhaler. Kudos to you Mom of Melody. What a fitting name.

The camcorder has broken down. But we will get there in the end. Melody does not know if she just wants to sell her songs, or perform them? Either way she is very ambitious and wants to earn money. Fly high my darling! You deserve to be successful.

Help us promote Home Education and gifted children like Melody, please share below link:

One day we may have creative SCHOOLS, watch this space!


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