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Friday, 18 June 2010

Butterfly Lullaby Tiara designed by Sharon J. Bainbridge for the Butterfly Fairy Princess (Butterfly Lullaby children's book)

I designed this beautiful butterfly tiara for the Butterfly Princess who is the main character in my Butterfly Lullaby fairy story, but then ended up using the butterfly tiara for the Queen Butterfly fairy.

You can see pictures of the Queen Butterfly Fairy here in this video wearing the tiara from the Butterfly Lullaby book.

The song on this video is not from the Butterfly Lullaby story. But singer Jakson Lee created the music and Bruce Parker did the lyrics. Louise Bedford has an amazing voice, don't you think? I wonder what she is doing now. The song should have been a smash hit, but it is the same old story image over talent i.e. you have to be some skinny winni to get anywhere (if you look like a stick you are in!) Bring back Marylin Monroe.

The picture of the Queen Butterfly I created using a picture of bumble bee wings and changing the colour.

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